It’s the journey that counts


It’s almost every day that I have to remind myself of this. I see the outcome and I’m not there yet and it frustrates me. 
I’m injured with a hamstring injury and I can’t do my practise to allow it to heal. This frustrates me. 
At teacher training last weekend I watched instead of joining in with practise. I learned a huge amount just watching. When I practise I listen to the teacher and try to get my body into the positions and feel the postures. When I watched, I saw how other people do the same. I learned then how I could modify and help them to get into the postures better. 
I had a huge amount of love for my fellow teacher trainers in the room that day. As I watched them move their bodies and breathe through the postures, I saw them all trying to improve themselves, to understand themselves better. 
This feeling overwhelmed and helped me to realise that it’s not about the fact that I’m not doing the practise myself. My journey just now is to learn about my body in a new way and appreciate what other people do with their own bodies. 
By understanding this it has helped me focus, lose the frustration and gain love. 
It’s about loving the process and being able to celebrate the outcome, no matter what it may be. 

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