Every Body is a Yoga Body – there is no doubt about this.
Yoga is a connection of the body and the mind, which means it is accessible to all, not just for the ‘flexible’!
Throughout the history of Yoga, it was originally focused on applying and understanding the world and changed to the self and the goal of self-enlightenment. Yoga can heal physical injuries, emotional wounds and spiritual crises.
Yoga gives us the opportunity recover one’s authentic self, to find wholeness and integrity and to transform oneself into a full and vibrant person that makes connections to others and has successfully being doing so for thousands of years.
Up to this day, Yoga continues to proliferate and spread its teachings, crossing the boundaries of culture and language.
My focus as a yoga teacher is to promote the benefits of a yoga lifestyle to all and every body type.
I teach Seasonal Yoga classes with a focus on heart opening, creating space and movement with breath.
Seasonal Yoga teaches you how to work with the energies and qualities of the seasons to support individual organs and systems, encouraging mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Seasonal Yoga uses the philosophy teachings of both Yoga and Traditional Chinese medicine.
The class changes throughout the 6 seasons, working with Qigong exercises and Yoga postures, pranayamas and meditations to compliment each season throughout the calendar year.
It’s a balanced practise, promoting movement, seasonal eating and lifestyle tips for a healthy way of life.
I teach 121 and in a class environment.
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